Teamwork Lessons from Teenage Athletes

We recently had the opportunity to tour with the Western Cape U17 basketball teams. Whilst we know that in business we can learn a lot from top sports teams, we were amazed at what we learnt about high performance teams from these teenage athletes. Their focus, resilience and success in the face of adversity was […]

Managing the dualities of leadership

The illusion of leadership being ‘feet up on the desk get others to do the work’ is swiftly shattered when you’ve sat in that venerated chair for more than a few months. The stark and often overwhelming reality is the job of leadership is complex and demanding. The multiplicity of imperatives a leaders must address […]

Leading in Crisis

Leadership is tough at the best of times….. but in 2020 our world leaders are being severely tested on multiple fronts, with the latest and most profound being the COVID-19 pandemic. What does it take to lead with impact in times of crisis? 1. Cut through the clutter Leaders need to understand, make sense of, […]

Making 2019 your best year ever.

Over a couple of glasses of wine this last weekend a good friend of mine said: “2018 must just be over already!” (it’s possible she may have used slightly stronger language….). It’s a sentiment I’ve heard a lot of late. 2018 has been (another) difficult year. And it doesn’t look like 2019 is shaping up […]

Good Teams Mean Good Business

In 2016, Phillip Meyer, MD of LSC, a provider of temporary employment services, realised there were significant growth opportunities his team weren’t successfully converting. Internal politics, shareholder changes, client concerns and ongoing operational issues, were getting in their way. Without a clear ambition and understandable plan, the competition was certain to steal their lunch. Intent […]

Unleashing the potential of the Supply Chain

In June this year I had the opportunity to work with SAPICS, the Supply Chain Association of South Africa. I facilitated a two day executive summit for 30 senior Supply Chain leaders and delivered a key note address to ~1000 supply chain professionals at their annual convention. What an inspiring, humbling and eye-opening experience! Having […]

Corporate Cancer – Can it be Cured?

There is nothing quite like a diagnosis of Cancer to make you sit up and pay attention! The mere mention of the C-word strikes cold fear into the heart of the bravest soles. It grabs life as you know it by the throat and shakes hard……turning everything on its head. A recent (and thankfully successful) […]

Tis the season for ……. Reflection

I just love this time of year! Maybe it’s all the garish decorations and silly festive songs that assault our senses from October reminding us that the holidays are coming? Maybe it’s the contagious excitement of my kids at the arrival of the advent calendar chocolates and the start of their precision count down? Or […]