I’ve learned that people may forget what you said, people may forget what you did,

but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou



At Olakira we believe the job of leaders is to create the future and inspire their teams to achieve it, motivated by a common purpose and clear direction. Teams that prosper are armed with a clear intent, enabling them to adapt quickly and appropriately to a changing environment without losing their focus. Great organisations are made up of individuals and teams who find personal meaning and relevance through their work, willingly giving more of themselves and rising to any challenge.

We understand that to achieve this you will need to engage regularly and impactfully with all your stakeholders. Together with you, we will design, develop and facilitate bespoke events that meet your and your audiences’ needs, — be it an annual business conference, industry convention, executive round table, customer engagement, product launch or more.

Motivational speaking is an important elements of our offer. From within Olakira, Tanya Kabalin (founder), has spent her career leading teams to deliver superior results in difficult and challenging environments. She is a passionate and inspiring speaker that brings to her audience a rare combination of hands on business experience and a deep understanding of the principals of leadership and change management that she delivers in an engaging and highly impactful manner.

See her most recent key note appearance at the SAPICS Annual Convention in Cape Town in June 2017, where she received the “Best Speaker’ award, for her talk “The Golden Link – Unleashing the potential of the Supply Chain”.

We also provide access to a diverse range of external motivational speakers hand picked to provide unique and thought provoking insights that support and enable your events.”

"To be honest - I have never ever given a full house of top marks for an event before, but this event was exactly what I had hoped for and more. Well done!!”
— Jan Tukker
Head of Logistics, TFG
"Tanya is a very accomplished facilitator and was faultless in her managing of this event”.
— Brian Ingram
Supply Chain Director, Aerosud Aviation
"What a great speaker! So relevant, well-delivered and easy to listen to. Absolutely fantastic."
"An extremely professional and well prepared presentation with very relevant advice for supply chain leaders today. Thank you Tanya"
— SAPICS 2017 Delegate Comments